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Peshawar Youth Peace and Development Forum 2013
Peshawar Youth Peace and Development Forum 2013
peshawar, Peshawar

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PESSSSSHHHHHHHHHAAAAAWWWWAAAAARRR?????????????? Zaydan Khan asks you in his very own style: ARE YOU GUYS ALIVE????? WHAT??? Did I hear YES????? Say it OUT-LOUD .... Oh Really???? If so, Then Show us your Trust in us ... By joining the BEST of TRAINERS around in Pakistan, very near to you, in your very own city Peshawar. The City of Flowers. PESHAWAR wants it`s Payback. Return to it, we have always taken from this very beautiful city. Time to play our BIT. Big time Heads up and Surprises Coming up. Please spread the BUZZ, on every Corner, every Front, every Chowk, every Raksha, every Bike, every Department, every School and every SMS... And you just name it *Sigh* FACT BYTES: Mr. Zaydan Khan. (School of Leadership)            Your Take Aways!!!! To answer Whats IN for you. =>Interaction with School of Leadership Trainers. =>Interaction with GRADUATES & TRAINERS (LUMS and NBS) =>Insights into the Real-world and its challenges. NO MORE ONLY BOOKS. Time to get some Fact Bytes and Eyes in Outer World. =>Lavishing Lunch =>Energizing Activities. => Special Student Achievement Award (Student of the Day) =>Volunteer Performances (If anyone of you got the guts to do). =>Career Counselling Q/A =>The Best of venues could possible in Peshawar. We are looking for PC in the first place. Its for our sisters`s concern mainly. =>Fun/Music and Networking =>Participant Certificates. =>And everything else that you could ever wanted to do/listen in any part of the world in this life. You can have our back. Trust us, its something really out of the BOX, out of the BOOK and out of the WORLD session from the best in the fraternity. From the very GENERATION you belong to!!!!! The Millennials!!!!!!!! The Session of your life AWAITS you. Don`t let go yourself DOWN. We are waiting for you :) Participant Charges: (Mode of Payment BOTH Online/Offline) VERY HUMBLE. Our main goal is to arrange something for PESHAWAR and its students as our `Social Responsibility` towards the city. We will be Break-Even i.e. No profits. We just want to give you some counseling thingy and very good time Around.  Muhammad Amir Department of Social Work, University of Peshawar. 0346-9033762


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