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Balochistan Earthquake Relief Campaign 2013
Balochistan Earthquake Relief Campaign 2013
Green Volunteers, Islamabad, Pakistan , Islamabad

11 Oct 2013 | Before 2325 days | 390 Views

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After several successful relief campaigns for the flood victims, Green Volunteers Pakistan in collaboration with 'Thali - an effort' has geared up to help our countrymen who are severely affected by the recent devastating earthquake that shook our beloved Balochistan. Death toll rises to 600 as number of injured people go up to 1000 as a result of the 7.8 magnitude Earthquake striking Balochistan Province. An estimated overall 185000 people have been affected so far. Lets prove that our spirits are not shaken. Lets promise that we wont rest till we have done our part. Our part for the 200000 people no different from us. We are going to take supplies to Turbat and Avaran. You can contribute in the form of cash from all over Pakistan and abroad. This is because our relief caravan will leave from Karachi, hence items will be arranged from there. After assessing the needs of the victims we have decided that our relief package will include Ata, dal, chawal, ghee, dry milk, tea, blankets etc. Our caravan plans to visit the areas at the end of the 2nd week of October. PAKSITAN NAVY is on board with us and we'll give our packages to them for distribution as these areas are only accessible by the military.


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